Karina Gavrikova Malta 2020

😂 It is all started with Zumba 🙂 We met when Karina Gavrikova became an instructor. Unfortunately her knee stopped her to teach, even to move.

💪 She did not give it up, she was searching for the possible way to exercise, went to the gym and the results are just simple impressive!

🏆 European Professional and World Professional Champion!!!

🇲🇹 We met last cc 4,5 years ago just before Karina became a PRO. This time I had the opportunity to follow the last days of preparation.

🍎 First step was to buy all food ingredients required for the carefully prepared nutrition plan. Surprisingly the amount was quite large, however limited water, fats and salt is quite challenging.

🍎 One of the probably evergreen sentence from Karina: “I was one of them who did not know that there is strong connection between the level of my energy, health, sleeping quality and my nutrition. Thanks for all I learnt about during the year about nutrition I feel much better. I know that I not only can change how I look but also can change how I feel!”

💪 Second Karina wanted to check the stage. We managed to get into the room in the hotel. When she entered to the room, without saying a single word, she went on stage and started her routine several times for over half an hour. The routine that she did probably a million times.

☀️ The daily posing practice was ON every day for cc 2 hours. The competition is absolutely advanced, all the other ladies / athletes on stage are super prepared, only way to win / stay on top is to give 100% again, again and again.

🤣 It was great to see Karina’s happy and relaxed smile when she won the first place in Malta!

✈️ The show must go on this weekend next competition. As Karina says this one is BRUTAL: The IFBB Elite Pro World Championship! A spectacular event will feature the presence of professional athletes from all continents and categories. Karina won so many 1st places, but this weekend being between the TOP 10 would be a great result. This is the nature of competition 🙂https://arnoldsportsfestivaleurope.com/…/ace…/

😎 CONGRATULATIIONS for the 1st place in Malta and all the best in Spain! Thank you for all the inspiration ❤

Read more about Karina here: https://movementforbetter.health/karinagavrikova


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