Full program to maintain and/or restore gut health

Following 2 years of research and understanding the science of a healthy gut. we are happy to launch a full program to maintain and/or restore gut health. This means that it will not happen overnight and that one has to comply with the full process.

STEP 1. Restore a healthy omega3 : omega 6 lipid ratio. It takes around 6-8 months. This is important to ensure that the cells in the gut lining are healthy and maintain gut lining integrity. A bonus is that it works at the same level on all the cells of your body.

STEP 2. Once the gut lining is healthy one has to maintain the lipid profile to have healthy cells. The next step is to measure the gut flora composition and check if there is an imbalance towards pro-inflammatory commensal bacteria. This involves a test and once the results are available, a personalised program is designed to restore your microflora balance. During this restoration, an exercise and nutrition scientist will be involved to design also a personlaised exercise and diet scheme.

STEP 3. Love yourself and keep healthy. We will continue to follow and discuss your achievements.

Our commitment is to continue our research and provide you with additional information and products to keep you healthy. Infact we are currently putting together probiotic supplementation for your personal use. The academy is also on the way and you can learn more about the science of a healthy gut, achieving sports performance, and many more.

The main aim of this research is to prevent disease by treating dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is an imbalance of gut microbiota (bacteria) associated with weight gain, obesity, insulin resistance, leaky gut, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and depression.

Source Gut Health https://fb.com/restore.gut.function.and.prevent.disease

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